Solar Home Solutions : As the name suggests We specialize in giving solutions for day to day energy needs of every Individual by Manufacturing Solar Energy based Products like solar water Heaters, Solar Lanterns, Solar Home Lighting systems, & Integrating Solar Fencing, Solar Roof Top Power Packs, Solar Water Pumps etc…


We also manufacture LED based Energy efficient Lighting systems for domestic applications run on Mains.

Promoter & Constitution : Mrs. Arthi Reddy .C. proprietor of the firm who has toured those parts of India where energy availability even for few hours in a day is a luxury decided to enter into the field and provide Energy Independence by manufacturing world class Solar Lighting products which will act like a game changer in there lives by not only making them Energy Independent but also get the benefited on the economic front because of children able to study and bring in Knowledge based economy to there doorstep.


Second awakening came when everyone started talking about the Govts. Failure to provide power 24 x 7 at a nominal cost. Thought started how do we as children of this mother land participate in nation building and energy security for our Indian Family a small calculation of energy savings attainable struck to the mind If a house hold with a size of 3 to 4 members installs a Solar Water Heater of 100LPD capacity per hour they tend to save 3Kwhrs (Units) of energy. If 10,000 families adopt then it becomes 30,000 Kwhrs(Units) on an average 18% is the Transmission & Distribution Losses incurred which works out to 5400Kwhrs(Units) which is equal to 7.1Mega watts of energy generated this is achievable in just one hour. Imagine if the entire city with a population of 68,09,970 (as per 2011 census data) if family size is divided into an average size of 6 which is actually large there are 11,39,995 families out of which let us take 50% only which is 5,69,997 house holds adopt solar Water Heater then 3 units per house hold will be a whooping 17lakh Kwhrs(units) which is equal to 340 Mw of energy generated. Commercial establishments like hotels, Hospitals, Processing Industries which use hot water in large quantities will add to the savings in a bigger way. If this is the case only with one city imagine what if the entire state adopts. Which in turn will reduce the pressure on availability of energy which will translate into no power cuts. High Industrial Growth and better Job opportunities for our children.

This thought gave birth to an organisation called Solar Home Solutions